About Us ConnectChina (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

? 2000 我们的创始人Joanna Lavan女士通过“Venture China”项目第一次访问中国

2000 Our founder Joanna Lavan came to China for the first time through a project called “Venture China”;

? 20045 成立ConnectChina Ltd(英中经贸发展中心)

May 2014 the establishment of ConnectChina Ltd

? 2005 在英国白金汉宫会见胡锦涛主席

2005 meeting with President Hu Jintao at Buckingham Palace

? 2007 扬州合作办公室



2007 Yangzhou co-office

Roadshows across China with Yorkshire and Humber Forward to promote investment of UK

MOU signing with CCPIT Shandong Branch

? 2008 扬州引资代表团 安排在英国的旅行和住宿以及商务会议


2008 Yangzhou Inward Investment Delegation visited UK, responsible for the visit and accommodation and business meetings.

Zhejiang Bureau of Culture artshow+Concert by Butterfly Girls Band of Zhejiang Folk Song Band

? 2009 为中国驻曼彻斯特领事馆总领事倪坚先生安排对韦克菲尔德的访问

2009 arranged the visit to Wakefield for Ni Jian Consul-General CONSULATE-GENERAL OF CHINA IN MANCHESTER

? 2010 带领英国著名建筑设计公司到访南京,受南京市长接待

2010 led a famous British Architecture Design company to Nanjing, and was received by the Mayor of Nanjing

? 2011 为杭州西博会工业洽谈会做宣传推广工作,带领英国公司参加该洽谈会

2011 Promote for Hangzhou expo and organized UK companies to attend the Industrial conference

? 2013 代表英国谢菲尔德城市地区,推动其与西安缔结友好城市

2013 Represent for Sheffield City Region and promoted the friendly city with Xi’an

? 20145 成立奈特华(上海)商务咨询有限公司

May 2014 the establishment of ConnectChina (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

? 2014 带领英国政府团应邀参加西安“中国东西部合作与投资洽谈会(西洽会)”

2014 Organized British official delegation to attend Xi’an “Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China( ITFCEW)”

? 20159 参加全球规模最大的母婴展德国科隆儿童用品展览会(KIND+JUGEND)

September 2015 attended the world largest Mother and Baby exhibition in Germany (KIND+JUGEND)

? 201510 正式成为利物浦国际商务节中国官方合作伙伴,负责2016年英国利物浦国际商务节的组织工作

Oct 2015 became the official partner of International Festival of Business held in Liverpool, responsible for the delegation recruitment.

? 201512月受英国驻华使馆签证处邀请,正式加入英国特别商务计划(SBS UK),成为可以邀请中国企业通过特别商务签证访问英国的企业之一

December 2015 was invited by the UKVI to official join the SBS UK scheme, became one of the organizations who can invite Chinese businesses to visit UK through SBS visa

? 2015 3 月成为利物浦经济发展署在中国的联络处,负责联络以及会务安排等工作

March 2015 Became the China liaison office for Liverpool Vision, responsible for the liaison work and local facilitation etc.

? 20166月成功组织中国来自7个城市的10个代表团参加在利物浦举行的国际商务节


June 2016 successfully organized 10 delegations from 7 cities of China to attend IFB in Liverpool.

Co-host Liverpool Kunming week during IFB. This is the largest scale oversea promotion events held by Kunming ever since. It included town hall reception, promotion conference, study visit, roundtable meetings, song and dance performance, Showcase at city center and media promotion and interviews etc.

? 2016 3 -2017 3 月成功申请英国外交与联邦事务部全球繁荣基金两个项目:加强昆明与利物浦在可持续城市化的合作以及发展西安数字化医疗项目

March 2016-March 2017 successfully applied two China Prosperity Strategic Programme Fund (SPF) programmes of UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Strengthening Kunming-Liverpool cooperation with a focus on sustainable urbanization and Implementing Digital Healthcare in Xi’an

? 20175 成功组织云南省招商局英国和爱尔兰招商之行,包括在伦敦的企业拜访、利物浦的招商活动以及爱尔兰的议会约翰·奥马西议员会见以及商会洽谈

May 2017 organized the UK and Ireland visit for The Investment Promotion & Cooperation Bureau of Yunnan Province, including London companies visits, Liverpool roundtable and Dublin meetings with Senator John O’Mahoney and Dublin Chamber of Commerce

? 20175 成功申请英国外交与联邦事务部全球英国基金项目:英国经验交流以减少中国西南地区医院感染率

May 2017 successfully applied Global Britain Fund with UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Economic Development and WelfareUK know-how exchange to reduce hospital infection rates in Western and Southern China Hospitals

? 2017521日,伦敦办公室正式成立,并成为利物浦上海办公室

May 21, 2017 ConnectChina London office, and Liverpool Shanghai office

? 20176-12月受英国国际贸易部邀请,参加各地中英生命科学技术转移及项目研讨会,做英国项目推介

June-Dec., 2017 Participated in China-UK Life Science Technology Transfer Seminar in different cities and promoted UK projects by the invitation of Department of International Trade

? 201710 联手莫斯科科技大学,安排俄罗斯18人通讯行业高管访问中兴通讯股份及东方通信公司。

Oct 2017 Arranged the visit to ZTE and Eastern Communications for 18 senior Russian leaders in Telecommunication sector with Mosco Science and Technology University

? 20171117日与云南省招商合作局正式签订招商代理协议,帮助云南省在英国和爱尔兰进行推广招商。

Nov 17th An official agency agreement signed with Yunnan Investment Bureau, to assist with the inward investment promotion in UK and Ireland

? 2018131-22日,受英国国际贸易部邀请,奈特华常务董事朱安娜·勒万女士随英国首相特蕾莎·梅一行专机访华。

Jan 31-Feb 2nd, Joanna Lavan, Managing Director of ConnectChina invited by UK Department of International Trade to join the Prime Minister Teresa May’s visit to China

? 20183 正式成为第15届外商直接投资论坛的官方合作伙伴

March 2018 Became the official partners of the 15th World Forum for FDI

? 20186 组织约150人来自中国上海、云南、昆明、天津、青岛、深圳等地的代表团参加利物浦英国国际商务节。作为上海市利物浦国际商务节“魅力上海”启动仪式的协办方,并代表云南省招商局在商务节上做云南推介会以及负责昆明市在商务节上的推介会和文化合作。

June 2018 organized about 150 delegates from Shanghai, Yunnan, Kunming, Tianjin, Qingdao and Shenzhen to attend IBF held in Liverpool. A co-organizer of the “Amazing Shanghai” Launch during IBF in Liverpool, a representative of Yunnan investment bureau to hold promotion seminar during IBF and be responsible for the Kunming promotion seminar and culture cooperation.

? 20189 组织和协调利兹大区与杭州三十周年庆;以及与英国驻华使馆联手举办英国山东季青岛活动。

Sept 2018 organize and coordinate the 30th Anniversary Celebration between Leeds City Region and Hangzhou; and the Qingdao activities as part of the UK-Shangdong Season with British Consulate.

? 201810 作为谢菲尔德大区政府顾问参加第四届中英地方领导人峰会

Oct 2018 Attend The Fourth UK-China Regional Leaders Summit as the consultant of Sheffield City Region.

? 201811 我司项目联合国世界城市日“Design City for Change”青少年比赛正式在利物浦启动

Nov 2018 Our project under UN Habitat World City Day, named “Design City for Change” Youth Competition officially launched in Liverpool.

? 20181211日,青岛办公室正式启动。

Dec 11th, 2018, Qingdao office Launched.