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1025日至1027日,奈特华联手莫斯科技大学负责该项目部分活动的执行,带领俄罗斯访问团分别访问了鸣新坊、中兴通讯股份有限公司以及东方通信公司。代表团一行18人,其中包括俄罗斯前四大移动通讯运营商中的三家:MTS, MegafonTele2,俄罗斯广播网等企业的高管人员。

From October 25th to October 27th, ConnectChina was in charge of the implementation of a few activities of the project with Moscow Technological University (MIREA), leading the Russian delegation to visit Ming Innovator, ZTE Corporation and Eastern Communications. There were 18 delegates, including three out of the top four mobile operatorsin Russia: MTS, Megafon and Tele2, others were Russian Broadcasting andcorporate executives.


First stop-Ming Innovator


On the morning of October 25th, ConnectChina took the Russian delegates to visit Shanghai Mingchuang Capital Management Corporation, Ming Innovator. The Executive President of Ming Innovator received the Russian group in person, and conducted a warm discussion.


During the time of discussion, Mr. Xu Xiaoguang told the Russian group his performances in telecom, such as the success of the programs he corporate with Guangdong TV and China Telecom. In addition, he has a deep understanding about telecom, AI and satellite software, answering the questions from the delegates one by one.


The Russian delegate group came up with their questions according to the development of Russian IT and telecom companies in China and the cooperation with Chinese businesses.


This meeting contributed to the Russian delegates’ preliminary and clear understandings of Chinese IT and Telecom industry, offering them a good start to their development in China.


After the meeting, President Xu Xiaoguang showed their offices to the Russian delegates.


Second Stop – ZTE Corporation


On the 26th of October, the Russian delegates visited their second stop, ZTE Corporation. This visit also received support from the Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board. ZTE Corporation is the world’s leading integrated telecom solution provider and the largest listed telecom equipment company.


First of all, the manager of ZTE Corporation customer service department took the Russian delegates to visit the exhibition room and explained the history and current development of ZTE Corporation in detail. It is worth mentioning that ZTE embedded the OS in China’s High Speed Trains, which increased the speed of the trains to 350km/h.


In the exhibition room, Russian delegates were all attracted by the newest 5G function, small VR equipment, wireline network, wireless product portfolios and so on.


After this, the vice president of ZTE Corporation, Mr. Yu Hai met the Russian delegates at their meeting room, delivered a speech and communicated with those delegates in Russian. Next, Chinese and Russian parties started to carry out in-depth exchanges. President Yu fully expressed the charm of ZTE and how they deal with their competitor, Huawei in the market.


After the meeting, President Yu exchanged names cards with Russian delegates. Russian delegates were impressed by the elegance and affinity of President Yu.


Third Stop—Eastern Communications


On the 27th of October, Russian delegates reached Hangzhou with the company of Pamela Pan, the General Manager of ConnectChina. The delegation group discussed with the responsible people of Shanghai Potevio Co., Ltd., EASTERN COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LIMITED,EASTCOM-BUPT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. and HONYAR, the branches of POTEVIO. Those responsible people also made introductions of business areas accordingly. During the meeting, the delegates were very much interested in building up their businesses in China, and put forward a number of questions. Due to the good matching between two parties, discussion was going on quite excitedly.Therefore, the meeting was put off for over 1 hour. Finally, delegates obtained the emails of managers of Potevio in order to have further communication.


After the meeting, the representatives of the Moscow Technological University (MIREA) and the vice president of Russian TV Broadcast Network gave a gift to the leaders of Eastern Communications. In the end, the Russian group visited the business exhibition room of Eastern Communications.


Wu Guoqiang, the Chief Technical officer of Shanghai Potevio Co., Ltd., said that Potevio has a long history of cooperation with Russia. He hoped that this exchange would further strengthen cooperation and exchange between the two parties and lay the foundation for the two countries' contacts.



Project Background

Moscow Technological University (MIREA) is the executive of training and development programs for the national economic managers of the Russian Federation. The visit to China comes from the higher education budget appropriation of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The project started in 2015. In order to promote the economy of state and commercial enterprises at a higher level, the Group organized a group of outstanding enterprise personnel to go out to several advanced cities in the world for site visits and negotiations, and to understand the current situation of the scale of city enterprises and the products and a close examination of services. Both parties introduced each other's companies’ situation so as to aid the cooperation of the project, and understand each other’s train of thought, with the hope that there would be trade or technical cooperation with each other in the future. This year marks the third year of this program. To tie in with the national policy of China's One Belt and One Road Initiative policy, the Pilot Project in Shanghai has been successfully implemented globally. In Asia, only Shanghai and Singapore are listed as study cities.